students in studio making mug on potter's wheel loading the kiln

Our studio class philosophy

Classes are structured to blend new and experienced students into studio experiences and accommodate multiple learning styles into playing in the mud. Each class will contain demonstrations and instructions in both hand building and wheel throwing techniques designed to help individuals or groups in a class to continue on their clay journeys. We encourage you to come with ideas about the directions you want to take in clay. In short, we try to maintain a very flexible curriculum that meets a wide variety of expectations and abilities. We ask that you bring an open mind, ideas on what you are interested in learning and a notebook to keep track of your progress.

All class charges include 25 lbs. clay, firing costs and access to one open studio period per week. Firing costs are included in clay costs.

Class Session Dates

Winter and Spring Schedule 2023
8 Week Sessions:
Session I January 8 through March 3, 2023 (Full)
Session II March 6 through April 28, 2023
Session III May 1 through June 23, 2023

Class Fees

Winter Class Session, 8 Weeks: $500

Class Descriptions


Clay Beginnings and Beyond with Jo Alice Stockwell
Tuesday AM 9 A.M. to Noon

This course is for both those just starting and those returning to the studio with experience. Jo Alice will work through basic wheel and hand building projects while also helping those self directed in their own projects. There will also be opportunities to participate in group outdoor Raku firing, introduction to Soda and Reduction kiln firing.


Clay Journeys with Jenny Graf
Tuesday Evening 6 P.M. to 9 P.M.

Beginners and beyond are welcome to come explore both hand building and wheel throwing techniques. Both independent, and project-oriented work will be encouraged. Bring your own ideas, or be guided through the creation of a specific piece. Access to Raku firings on weekends and introductions to both reduction and Soda firing are part of the journey.


Clay Techniques with Lloyd Hamovit
Wednesday Mornings 9 A.M. to Noon

This class will be filled with demonstrations and technical information for the intermediate to advanced students working on self directed projects and developing specific clay directions. Advanced wheel and hand building techniques, learning to fire kilns of various types and glaze chemistry will be introduced into daily studio activities. Projects accessing our different firing techniques will be included. This is a class for those interested in pursuing new information in the clay studio.


Clay Forms with Lloyd Hamovit
Wednesday Evenings 6 P.M. to 9 P.M.

A class for those looking to get their hands dirty and relax in the mud. For beginners to advanced students either looking to pursue individual self directed projects to or for those just wanting time on the potter’s wheel. A wide variety of demonstrations for both hand building and the wheel will be part of instruction, while access to weekend Raku firings are also included.


Clay Journey and Explorations with Jenny Graf
Thursday Mornings 9 A.M to Noon

Come try your hand working with clay! Under Jenny’s guidance, beginners and intermediate students are invited to come explore the wonderful possibilities clay. Interested in finding creative expression, relaxation and fun? You will learn basic hand building techniques, and the steps involved for creating pots on the potter’s wheel. Glazing and surface design and basic firing techniques will also be explored as Jenny guides you through clay-ful experience.