Two Rivers Studio Summer Studio Re-Opening 2020

The time has finally arrived to re-open the doors to allow on site access to the studio facilities. For June, July and August we will operate with a limited number of people in the studio, on a time regulated basis, for daily access Monday through Saturday. We are going to suspend evening classes until after Labor Day, when we hope to be able to resume our regular studio class schedule. The opening day for this adjusted schedule is Monday, June 1.

How will this work? On a daily basis, Monday through Saturday, we will have 2 open studio sessions a day, 9AM to 12PM and 2PM to 5PM. There will be a limit of 4 people allowed in the studio during each morning and afternoon session. We will keep a logbook at the front desk. You may call in and reserve a time (978-618- 1475) and sign in to the log each session, while also being able to sign up for future sessions. We will begin with a limit of 2 sessions per week to allow access to all.

What are the safety precautions? The studio tables and equipment will be wiped down and tools will be washed to disinfect common used items between sessions. Social distancing will be used, and masks will be required to be worn inside the studio.

What are the costs? We will start out by charging $20 per session, with a limit of two sessions per week. This will hopefully allow everyone a chance to have access to the studio to catch up with their projects. As the summer progresses we will adjust and remain flexible to everyone’s needs and budgets. If you have paid for access that was curtailed due to the shut down, we will of course honor it. Clay costs will remain the same at $40 for 25lbs., which still includes firing fees.

Finally, I would like to sincerely say thank you to everyone who has reached out and checked in at the studio over the last several months. Our little clay community is strong and hopefully this will begin to allow everyone a chance to get their hands dirty again. As with everything these days, cautious steps and adjustments are needed as we try to navigate the new normal. Please contact me if you have any questions or want to sign up for some clay time.

Hope to see everyone soon!

Lloyd Hamovit